• The European Day of Language

    On the 26th of September, the European day of Languages is celebrated all over Europe

    Learning a second language, especially English is very important. Look, I can prove it!

    My question : Why is it important to speak English today?

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    Dimanche 27 Septembre 2015 à 14:14

    yes i thinks it is very important to speak english today Julien DIDIER

    Cassandra 4°1
    Dimanche 27 Septembre 2015 à 20:27
    Today it is important To speak english because everybody understand it. So when we go To an other country we can speak english.
    Lundi 28 Septembre 2015 à 19:16

    Why is it important Julien. Can you give a situation : when ...

      • Samedi 10 Octobre 2015 à 10:38
        when we go to England , we speak English (for example)
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