• Learning English

    Learning languages is important and speaking English is useful in a lot of situations.

    In this short project, the pupils from the English + group are going to create a small film to illustrate this fact.

    They are going to write a script, film themseves and edit their films on tablets. Waouh!

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  • There is a new PE teacher at school, buut some pupils can't understand her ...

    by Agnes, Yasmine, Manon, Lisa and Attila


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  • When you go to a party, you have fun, you meet nice people, you exchange phone number and

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    the day after you get in touch...


    by Ilsée, Yasmine, Hannah, Margot and Lola

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  • Imagine yourself in a museum in London.

    Two French girls want to visit it. They are pretty but they don't really speak English...

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    By Mathilde, Cassandra, Cristal, Mathilde and Marie

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  • On the 26th of September, the European day of Languages is celebrated all over Europe

    Learning a second language, especially English is very important. Look, I can prove it!

    My question : Why is it important to speak English today?

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