• Me and my teacher

    Traveling the world is good and commenting upon photos can be good too!

  • Watch the video and anser the questions in the comment section

    1. Who is this man?             2.Why is he on the news?           3. Why did he win it ?

  • Une petite video pour animer les journées pluvieuses en apprenant des "tours"

    Here is a funny video for rainy days. You can learn how to play "tricks" on your friends

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  • Teachers on strike!

    Aujourd'hui 100% des professeurs d'anglais du collège étaient en grève. Bon d'accord nous ne sommes que 4, mais nous sommes toutes d'accord pour dénoncer les effets de la réforme qui sera appliquée à la prochaine rentrée.

    Qu'est-ce que la mise en place de la réforme va changer pour les élèves du collège en Anglais?

    Lire la suite...

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  • You can see on the left a new widget. It shows that our blog is now international!

    What  countries are our visitors from? (Send your answers in English in the comment box)





    Where are our visitors from?


    The USA

     (thank you Camille)


     (thank you Léo)


     (thank you Yasmine)


     (thank you Fedhi)


     (thank you Tiffany)

    Flag of Cambodia.svg




    Where are our visitors from?



    6 -----


    7 ------


    French Polynesia

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      (thank you Jeanne)


     (thank you Nilay)


    Le nouveau widget dans le menu de gauche monte que notre blog est devenu international !!!

    De quels pays viennent nos visiteurs?

    Envoyez vos réponses en anglais dans les commentaires (toutes les classes peuvent participer!)

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  • I promised some of you I would share some photos.

    So, here we are ! Let's start with Los Angeles and the Walk of Fame on Holywood boulevard.

    The holidays are over    The holidays are over   The holidays are over

    And what about practising your English ?

    Question for the 6ème pupils : Can you describe the photo on the right? (give as many details as you can!)

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  •     You are back.

        Quack quack is still on my desk and he is very happy to see you.

        Especially because he has got a nice little girlfriend now...

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