• E-twinning : Project n°1

    Grâce à E-twinning, nous allons créer des projets collaboratifs avec des élèves venus de toute l'Europe.

    Ce sera l'occasion de communiquer en Anglais et de découvrir le mode de vie des adolescents européens.

    What is th EDL ? Good question.... Watch the video to find out.

    To celebrate the European Day of Languages, we are going to take part to an e-twinning project : A video a videopostcard for EDL .

  • Click on the picture and enjoy the video

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  • Here you can see the names of all the schools which took part in this great project.

    And here you can see some presentations

    Let's start with a video from Slovenia

    Another one from Ukraine...

     One from Serbia,

    Our partner from Italy

    Our neighbours from Les Arcs

     From Spain

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