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     Régulièrement je vous propose des énigmes à décoder, des images à décrypter ou des problèmes à résoudre.

    Ready? Steady? Think!

  • Riddle n°39

     (posted on the 11th of July 2016)

    Some months have got 30 days.

    Some months have got 31 days.

    How many months have got 28 days?

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  • Riddle n°40

     (posted on the 24th of September2016)

    What can you see on this picture ?

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  • Riddle n°38

     (posted on the 24th of September2016)

    The day before yesterday is three days after Saturday.

    What day is it today?

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  •  (posted on the 17th of September2016)

    Riddle n°37

    He married many women, but never got married. Who was he?

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  • Riddle n°36

     (posted on the 17th of September2016)

    Riddle n°36

    What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?


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  • Riddle n°35

     (posted on the 14th of September2015)

    I have got some rivers, but I haven't got any water.

    I have got some forests, but I have got no trees and no animals.

    I have got a lot of cities cities, but I haven't got any inhabitants.

    What am I?

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  • Riddle n°34

     (posted on the 28th of July2015)

    During the day, I am a man I am a woman

    During the night, I am not a man I am not a woman

    Who am I ?

     Look at the picture : it's a clue I am giving you!

    Yes Yasmine, it is!!

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  • Riddle n°33

     (posted on the 28th of March 2015)

    There is a sort of fish that can't swim at all. What is it?

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  • Riddle n°32

     (posted on the 19th of March 2015)

    A boy and a doctor are next to a river.

    The boy is the son of the doctor but the doctor is not the father of the boy.

    Who is the doctor?

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  • Riddle n°31

     (posted on the 15th of March 2015)

    Four children and their pet dog are under a small umbrella.

    But they are not wet (=mouillé) . How is it possible?

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