• Funny expressions

    Funny expressions


    Je vous propose de découvrir des expressions typiquement "British".

    Mais au lieu de vous les servir sur un plateau comme dans la rubrique "drôles d'expressions", je vous lance un défi : devinez ce qu'elle veulent dire.

     Funny expressions

     Envoyez vos réponses ( en expliquant un peu en Anglais ou/et en trouvant l'expression équivalente en Français)


  • Friday, the 25th of February 2015

    "It cost an arm and a leg..." what was the problem?

    3 commentaires
  • Friday, the 25th of February 2015

    "Keep it under your hat" : I think Mark has got a new girl friend..."

    Good again for Yasmine!

    1 commentaire
  • Friday , the 22nd of August

    " Jack is an early bird."

    2 commentaires
  • Monday, the 4th of August

    " I am feeling blue today"

    What does this expression mean?

    1 commentaire
  • Wednesday, the 23rd of July

    " It's a piece of cake!"


    Why does the boy say 'it is a piece of cake'?

    2 commentaires
  • Wednesday, the 28h of June

    " I have got a frog in my throat"

    Frog in My Throat

    The boy has got a problem... Do you think it is summer or winter? Why?

    2 commentaires
  • Wednesday, the 18h of June

    " You eat like a horse!"

    This is an easy expression. I'm sure you can explain what it means in English!


    Very good Cassandra and Kamelia : someone who eats like a horse is someone who eats a lot of food!

    5 commentaires
  • Thursday, the 12h of June

    " This boy has got ants in his pants! "

    When a teacher says that to a pupil, he is not happy... Why?


    Great Marika and Kamélia! A pupil who has got ants in his pants doesn't stop moving on his chair!

    7 commentaires
  • Friday, the 6th of June

    " Can you give me a hand ?"

    because I have go so many thing to do!!


    Well done Célia and Marine : the man wants some help!

    2 commentaires
  • Friday, the 6th of June

    " He has got butterflies in his stomach..."

    probably because he has got an important test in 10 minutes


    OK : la 1ere expression est finie...   Réponse : the man is nervous (il a le trac)

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