• Let's sing a song!



    Let's sing a song!

    Regardez les clips que je vous propose et répondez aux questions. Easy!

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  • Une nouvelle chanson à compléter

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  • This song by Justin Bieber was number one in England for 3 weeks in January. I am not a great fan of Justin but I like this song (I think, he sings a bit like Ed Sheeran!)

    1. Where are the 2 characters in the video?            2. What have they got in their fridge?     

    3. Is the woman happy at the end? Why?

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  • This new Adele's song is number 1 in England at the moment

    Questions for the 6èmes : How is the weather in the video clip?  How is the man at the begining ? How is he at the end?

    Questions for anyone : Why is Adele crying ?

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  • Wath this video and describe the little girl (physically).

    How does she go home?

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  • This is not really a song, it is a mashup (you can hear several songs)

    Can you give me the title of 3 English songs that are hits this summer? Which is your favourite one?

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  •  Avincii is a 26 year old Swedish artist. He is a DJ but he also sings. Do you remember the song "Hey brother"?

    It was him!

    My question : what does the old man meet in the forest ?

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  •  This  love song came out in January 2015. I hope you'll like it...

    How many singers are there in the video? Who are they? What musical instrument can the 2nd man play?

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  • Ed sheeran is an English musician. He was born on the 17th of Frebruary 1991, so he is 24 years old. He is from the North of England. He can sing very well and he can play the guitare too. he has got a lot of tatooes on his arms . there is a brown teddy bear on his right arm and there is a red rose on his left arm. Colourful....

    Watch : How many characters are there in the video clip? What can they do? Have they got any shoes ?

    Listen : understand 2 numbers in the lyrics of the song                                                                             

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  • Clean Bandit is a strange name ... but it is not the name of the singer but it is the name of a pop group.

    There are 4 musicians in Clean bandit(one boy can play the viloin, one can play the piano and can sing, a third boy can play the drums, the girl can sing and play the cello. They are English. they are from Cambridge, in the South East of England.

    Has the girl in the video got a pet? What can she do ? (speak about her talents...)

    Where is her father all day long?(=toute la journée)

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  • George Ezra is a British singer. He lives in Bristol, in the South of England. He was born in 1993. His hit at the moment is a song called "Budapest". In this song he is telling a girl that he is ready to leave everything for her : his house, his piano, his treasure chest. Waouh!! That's romantic, isn't it?

     There is a football fan in the crowd around George Ezra. What team does he support? What does he drink?

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