• Etwinning : project n°3

    We have got a new project in our hands : we are going to create a "newspaper" on line with our european partners.

  • Firts step : we must tell our partners who we are.

    During the holidays, the pupils took photos and when they were back to school, they created slideshows using the school tablets. A technical challenge as much as a language challenge. Well done...

    Our Region

    Our village


    Our school


    Our house


  • Let's write some reports on our school events

    A report from Poland

    National Education Day, commonly known as the Day of the Teacher is a Polish national holiday of education and higher education. It was established 27 April 1972.
    This feast commemorates the creation of the National Education Commission, which was the first ministry of public education in Poland. This commission was established on the initiative of the Polish king Stanislaw August Poniatowski under the Partition Sejm's resolution of 14 October 1773.
    In accordance with the provisions of the Act that day is a day off from lessons for all education workers:
    "On the anniversary of the establishment of the National Education Commission, October 14 each year, will be celebrated National Education Day. This day is considered to be a celebration for all education workers and is free of lessons. "
    Of course, for this reason it is a popular holiday not only by teachers, but also, no less, by the students.
    Traditionally, as a thank teachers for their efforts in the education and upbringing of the students composed their thanks and wishes, and often give each other symbolic gifts (eg. flowers or candy). On this occasion, we are also prepared special performances of students. Our students this year presented the "Tale of the Fisherman".


    A report from Poland 

    In October we celebrated the Day of Languages. On this occasion, each class had drawn earlier to present the country eg. France, Great Britain and the USA. Students prepared a stand of delicacies such Pizza, Apple Pie, they brought souvenirs from holidays, eg. The Eiffel Tower. Most dressed up as famous people thus became very colorful and cheerful throughout the school. On this day,  students took part in contests of knowledge about the culture of other countries, foreign language songs and conducted radio show. Everyone had fun. Every year we organize such an event to show that you can learn foreign languages through play and we want to show teenagers how important  is language in the world today.


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  • These are the presentations made by our partners.

    When we are back to school, it will be our turn to introduce ourselves!


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