• Video quizz


    "We are going to watch a video".

    Vous avez souvent entendu cette phrase en classe. Et vous allez aussi l'entendre à la maison car j'ai envie de vous proposer une nouvelle rubrique.

    Chaque semaine je vous ferai partager une courte vidéo pour découvrir "the British sense of humour".

    Dès qu'un élève répondra à la question posée (en Anglais bien sûr) une nouvelle vidéo apparaîtra.

  • Watch the video and send your answers in the comments

    1. Who said: "The revolution is coming"?        2. Who twitted: "This is totally terrifying?"

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  • Watch this advert. I think it's really funny.

    Can you anser 2 questions : 1. What is the little boy's name?    2. What is Mr Smith happy at the end?

  • Who is the boy's best friend ? What season is it? Why is his friend happy at the end ?

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  •  Queen Elisabeth has just broken a record : she has become the longest reigning British monarch.

    Watch this video and answer the questions.

    1. Who was the longest reigning British monarch up to yesterday?

    2. Queen Elizabeth is sporty... what can she do?

    3. She has got a surprising personality. Why?

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  • Summer is nearly over and it's time to go back to school. Are you happy about it? I'm sure you are ;-)

    But poor little Billy has got the back to school blues. Watch and enjoy!

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  • How many children has the woman got ? How many pets are there in her house? What about in your house?

    Well done Amandine !

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  • Thank you Mrs BC for sharing this video with me

    What is the goat's name ? How many times a day does he drink milk ? How old is he ? Why do people love him ?

    Congratulation to Alexandre and Maxence

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  • Where are the characters? What are their feelings ? Why?

    Very good answer Maxence

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  • Saturday the 6th of September


    Watch this funny advert for toilet roll...

    Where is the boy? What is the boy's feeling at the beginning of the video?

    Why? What is the boys's feling at the end? Why?

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  • Saturday, the 23rd of August


    Jessica is a special pet: she is a hippo... How old is she? What can she do? What does she like before sleeping?

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