• Song n°10

    This new Adele's song is number 1 in England at the moment

    Questions for the 6èmes : How is the weather in the video clip?  How is the man at the begining ? How is he at the end?

    Questions for anyone : Why is Adele crying ?

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    Ilsée 404
    Vendredi 13 Novembre 2015 à 18:57

    OMG ! This song is for the moment my best song I love it yes 

    Jeanne 602
    Mercredi 18 Novembre 2015 à 13:58

    Jadore cette musique !!! shockedkiss 

    maylie lambert
    Mercredi 18 Novembre 2015 à 15:18

    J adore cette chanson cool 

    Mercredi 25 Novembre 2015 à 21:15

    I love this song !!


    Samedi 28 Novembre 2015 à 19:59

    j'adore cette chanson i love it songcool

    Julien L'ex 3ème
    Mercredi 6 Janvier 2016 à 20:34

    Aller un peu d'anglais, : In this clip, we can see that is raining. The man at first is joyful but at the end sorrowful. The reason why Adèle is crying is because she is remembering all her souvenirs with this boy.

    Mercredi 6 Janvier 2016 à 20:53

    Hi Julien, what's up? Are you missing your old school? It's good to read you anyway. So happy new year and well done for your answer. I can see you've learnt some vocabulary ( you used to say "happy" or "sad" instead of joyful and sorrowful

      • Julien L'ex 3ème
        Jeudi 7 Janvier 2016 à 19:44

        I'm glad to meet you again ! I'm fine, and you ? Yes, of course I'm missing my old school but that's life. As you can see, effectively, I've learned many many words. High School is very nice ! I hope we'll see quickly ! :D

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