• Irish Day at school

    Tuesday, the 17th of March was the Irish Day.

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    Vendredi 18 Mars 2016 à 14:10

    les photos sont trop belleyes

    Vendredi 18 Mars 2016 à 16:09

    The photos are nice because the pupils were nice! yes

    Weck Maud
    Samedi 19 Mars 2016 à 17:02

    Waouh! That is just great! I love the little shamrocks and the music too...Thank you Mrs Johns...I will send you the pics as soons as I canyes

    Samedi 19 Mars 2016 à 17:54
    Well done! A great effort by everyone!
    quentric lana
    Mardi 10 Mai 2016 à 21:26
    moi j'aime bien
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