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     Thursday, the 29th of May


    What do the grandmother and the grandfather love?

    Who is the winner of the "fight"? Explain why?

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    Émilie (602)
    Jeudi 29 Mai 2014 à 11:28

    They love crisps , the winner is a grandmother because she has got his denture now he can't eat crisps biggrin

    kamelia 602
    Vendredi 30 Mai 2014 à 17:39

    the grand mother and the grand father loves crisps .The 2 are the winner because the grand fether has got crisps and the grand mother has got his denture  he       

    Vendredi 30 Mai 2014 à 19:09

    Excellent, girls! I like your two points of view on the video. Do you think it is funny or sad?

    kamelia 6°02 ♥
    Vendredi 30 Mai 2014 à 19:54

    I thinks it is funny he

    Emilie (602)
    Samedi 31 Mai 2014 à 20:48

    I think it is sad because they can't eat crisps because a grandfather hasn't got denture and a grandmother hasn't got some crisps  ^^

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