• The holidays are over

    I promised some of you I would share some photos.

    So, here we are ! Let's start with Los Angeles and the Walk of Fame on Holywood boulevard.

    The holidays are over    The holidays are over   The holidays are over

    And what about practising your English ?

    Question for the 6ème pupils : Can you describe the photo on the right? (give as many details as you can!)

  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 14 Mai 2015 à 08:54

    merci de nous faires profiter de votre voyage mme !  lol je suis jalouse tongue

    jade 601
    Vendredi 15 Mai 2015 à 20:02

    rrrr jsui jalouseeeemad

    manon 6°1
    Lundi 18 Mai 2015 à 18:40

    There is Mrs Johns on the photo. She is in front of the Céline Dion's star. She has got glasses and a T-shirt because it is hot and sunny glasses

    Mardi 19 Mai 2015 à 06:00

    It is very good Manon. Well done!

    olivia 6°1
    Mardi 19 Mai 2015 à 19:43

    Mme Johns is in front of Celine Dion'star. There is a lot of star behind her. She is happy because it's sunny smile. She has got a blue tee-shirt and a white short because it's hot and sunny. She has got sun glasses.

    Mercredi 20 Mai 2015 à 08:15

    she has got flip-flops because it is Holiday she has got curly dark  short hair . she is beautiful . she is about the stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she love hollywood

    jade 601
    Mercredi 20 Mai 2015 à 17:54

    mrs johns is in front of the Celine Dion'star, she has got glasses and flips flops because it is sunny todayglasses

    she is very happy because she loveess hollywood !!!! she is VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!happy

    But i am sad because i loves hollywood!!!! cry

    Mercredi 20 Mai 2015 à 18:39

    It's very good girls and you are right : on the photo it is sunny and hot and I love Hollywood!

    olivia 6°1
    Mardi 2 Juin 2015 à 20:52

    ne nous narguer pas trop quand memewinktongue


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