• Terrible!

    Tuesday, the 3rd of June


    Where is the woman?  What does she want?

    What is her problem?...


    Bravo Marine d'abord et bravo Célia ensuite. J'ai adoré la délicatesse dont vous avez fait preuve pour cette jeune fille!!!

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    Mardi 3 Juin 2014 à 18:46

    This woman is in the library. Se wants hamburger and milk- shake but she isn't in a fast food.

    She has got a problem, she is fair!!!! winktongue wink2

    She doesn't know that she is in a library.

    When she saw it, she repeat again but in whispery.

    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 11:53

    Yes, Marine, she has got fair hair, in other words, she is blond... but why is it important?


    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 12:42

    It is important because she doesn't mind where she is!!!!!! happy yes winktongue

    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 13:07

    All right : she doesn t know where she is. Why ? Is she blind ?

    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 13:31

    The blond woman is compared to Mercedes E- Klasse. She is so nice but we are nothing without brain like this car. So beauty is nothing without brain!!!! wink2

    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 18:14

    Ok... I give up. No more questions. You have won, Marine!

    Célia huet ♥•
    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 18:58

    The woman is in the library.

    She wants a hamburger and a milkshake,

    But the library don't sale hamburgers and milkshakes.

    yes or beurk?

    Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 à 20:17

    Very good Celia , you can t buy hamburgers in a library. So, what do you think about the woman?

    Célia huet ♥•
    Jeudi 5 Juin 2014 à 17:59

    The woman can't buy some hamburgers in the library but you can take some books

    ("she is a little stupid").

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