• Song n°6 : Four five seconds

     This  love song came out in January 2015. I hope you'll like it...

    How many singers are there in the video? Who are they? What musical instrument can the 2nd man play?

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    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 12:13

    There are 3 singers in the video. They are in a studio. The second man play guitar.

    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 18:27

    There are 3 singers : yes.

    The second man can play the guitar : Yes

    But I didn't ask : where are they ! The question is who are they?

    Correct yourself and you will get your first star Maxence.

    Mercredi 12 Août 2015 à 23:13

    there are 3 singers in the video , there is rihanna, kanye west and paul mc cartney

    the second man is playing the guitar

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