• Song n°5 : Thinking out loud

    Ed sheeran is an English musician. He was born on the 17th of Frebruary 1991, so he is 24 years old. He is from the North of England. He can sing very well and he can play the guitare too. he has got a lot of tatooes on his arms . there is a brown teddy bear on his right arm and there is a red rose on his left arm. Colourful....

    Watch : How many characters are there in the video clip? What can they do? Have they got any shoes ?

    Listen : understand 2 numbers in the lyrics of the song                                                                             

  • Commentaires

    Samedi 14 Mars 2015 à 17:29

    there are 2 caracters                       tey can dance very well                                       a boy has got shoes but the girl hasn't got any shoes

    Samedi 14 Mars 2015 à 17:29

    oups j'ai oublié un h  a they


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