• Song n°4 : Rather be

    Clean Bandit is a strange name ... but it is not the name of the singer but it is the name of a pop group.

    There are 4 musicians in Clean bandit(one boy can play the viloin, one can play the piano and can sing, a third boy can play the drums, the girl can sing and play the cello. They are English. they are from Cambridge, in the South East of England.

    Has the girl in the video got a pet? What can she do ? (speak about her talents...)

    Where is her father all day long?(=toute la journée)

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    Vendredi 27 Février 2015 à 13:46

    YES  she has got a pet. Her pet is a cat. Her father watches tv all day long

    Vendredi 27 Février 2015 à 20:30

    Well done Amandine! It was a quick and efficient answer!


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