• Song n°3 : "On top of the World"

    "On top of the World" is a song by an American group called Imagine Dragons. It came out in spring 2013. 

    "I am on top of the world"  means "I am very happy. This is the message of the song : be happy now, don't wait and don't waste your life!

    In the clip, the 4 musicians of Imagine Dragons  illustrate the expression "I am on top of the world" literally : they are really on top of the world!

    My questions : What is the 4 musician's job in the video clip ? Where are they ? What year is it?

    Becky and Kamelia are side by side on the podium...

  • Commentaires

    kamelia 5°3
    Mercredi 3 Septembre 2014 à 10:08

    they are astronaut they are on the moon I think they are in 1969 he

    Mercredi 3 Septembre 2014 à 17:17

    I think they are actors. They are in a cinema studio. It is 2001.

    Samedi 14 Mars 2015 à 14:15
    They are astronot . They are on the moon . It is in 1969
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