• Song n°2 : "Stay with me"

    "Stay with me" is a song by a British singer called Sam Smith. He was born in 1992The song came out in May 2014 and it was n°1 in the United Kingdom and n°2 in the USA.

    It is a love-ballad. The singer wants his girlfriend to stay with him. He doesn't want the girl to leave him. Romantic, isn't it?

    My question is : Where is Sam Smith in the clip? Prove it


    You have got good eyes Kamélia. One point for you!

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    kamelia 6°02 ♥
    Mercredi 20 Août 2014 à 17:40

    he is at london because there is the london bus passing behind him he 

    Mercredi 20 Août 2014 à 20:03

    Well spotted, Kamelia, he is in London because we can see a typical London double decker bus. -:))

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