• Riddle 21

    Riddle n°21

     (posted on the 23rd of July 2014)

    A famous character is hidden behind these 5 clues.

    Guess who it is. Explain why.

    Il suffit de deviner à partir des 5 indices qui est le personnage mystère.

    Il faut aussi donner quelques explications en anglais (of course!)

    Good guess from Emilie and Becky. Clever girls!!!

  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 24 Juillet 2014 à 16:05

    This character is probably in team of California football or handball and his wife is probably a doctor

    Samedi 26 Juillet 2014 à 11:07

    Well tried Emilie, but I want you to give me the name of a famous man. I give you a clue : the woman in the collage is 36 years old. Her first name is Amal. Easy!!!yes

    Samedi 26 Juillet 2014 à 22:00

    The charachter is George Clooney (this wife is amal alamuddin wink2 )

    Lundi 28 Juillet 2014 à 12:21

    It is Georges Clooney. Because he works for Nespresso, and he is 53. And he played in Emergency. 

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