• "On top of the World" is a song by an American group called Imagine Dragons. It came out in spring 2013. 

    "I am on top of the world"  means "I am very happy. This is the message of the song : be happy now, don't wait and don't waste your life!

    In the clip, the 4 musicians of Imagine Dragons  illustrate the expression "I am on top of the world" literally : they are really on top of the world!

    My questions : What is the 4 musician's job in the video clip ? Where are they ? What year is it?

    Becky and Kamelia are side by side on the podium...

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  • "Stay with me" is a song by a British singer called Sam Smith. He was born in 1992The song came out in May 2014 and it was n°1 in the United Kingdom and n°2 in the USA.

    It is a love-ballad. The singer wants his girlfriend to stay with him. He doesn't want the girl to leave him. Romantic, isn't it?

    My question is : Where is Sam Smith in the clip? Prove it


    You have got good eyes Kamélia. One point for you!

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  • Let's start with a love song by a British group, Coldplay. The song is "A sky full of Stars".

    It is part of Coldplay's new album called "Ghost stories".

    The lyrics are simple : the singer has got a new girlfriend and he is madly in love with her.

    My question is : the singer is very happy in this song. Can you prove it?

    Il suffit de dire ce qu'il fait dans le clip et ce qui montre sa joie de vivre...


    Very good Becky. You have won the first point in the song contest!!!

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