• Cute baby goat

    Thank you Mrs BC for sharing this video with me

    What is the goat's name ? How many times a day does he drink milk ? How old is he ? Why do people love him ?

    Congratulation to Alexandre and Maxence

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    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 12:36

    The goat's name is Benji. He drinks milk five or six per day every four hour. He's six month. People love him because he is plenty of caracter, plaisant and they are cude and excited.



    Alexandre 604
    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 16:25

    His name is Benjamin .

    He drinks five ou sixt times a day milk 

    Benjamin is six months 

    Every body love him because he was good character

    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 18:31

    Excellent job boys :wink2

    The goat's name is indeed Benji. It drinks milk 5 or 6 times a day.

    It is 6 months old.

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