• Artist n°3 : E. Hopper

    Edward Hopper was an American artist. He was born at the end of the XIX century and he died in 1967. He loved painting scenes of the American life. In his paintings, the characters don't talk, they don't smile. They are always sad because Hopper was nostalgic of the past. His paintings are very realistic with a lot of details to show real life.

     Artist n°3 : Edward Hopper

     The title of this painting is "Nighthawks" ( = les oiseaux de nuits). Hoper made it in 1942

     Artist n°3 : E. Hopper

     Your mission : what are the man and the woman drinking ?

  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 28 Août 2014 à 12:00

    I think that they are drinking tea or cafe. ( pas sur )

    Jeudi 28 Août 2014 à 12:02

    Why not ? But can you prove it ? What is there on the table?winktongue

    Becky 5°C
    Vendredi 12 Septembre 2014 à 10:45

    I think there are drinking caffee because they are american and american drink caffee tonguetonguetonguecoolyeshappy 

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