• A lovely dog...

    Saturday the 6th of September


    Watch this funny advert for toilet roll...

    Where is the boy? What is the boy's feeling at the beginning of the video?

    Why? What is the boys's feling at the end? Why?

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    cassandra 5°4
    Mercredi 24 Septembre 2014 à 16:37

    the boy is at the toilet, at the beginning of the video he is happy because his dog play with toilet paper and it is funny but at the end he is angry because  there isn't toilet paper.winktongue

    Jeudi 25 Septembre 2014 à 20:28

    The boy is in the toilet.  He is laughing because the dog is playing the toilet paper

    Dimanche 15 Mars 2015 à 12:44

    the boy is in the toilet, he feels god  at the begining of the video because the dog can help him. at he end the boys feels bad because the dog plays with the toilet paper and go out with paper.


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