• By Yasmine and Manon (505)

    By Jean (505)

    By Cassandra and Mathias (504)

    By Marie and Mickael (504)

    "Cloning Santa" by Ines and Mathieu S (505)

    Comic strips of the future

    By Lisa and Julien (503-504)

    By Mathilde and François ( 504)

    By Sandro and Tania (505)

    By Amandine and Thibaud (503)

    By Mathilda and Théo(504)

    By Julien and Maxime (504)

    By Mederic and Nina (504-505)



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  •  Riddle n°28

      (posted on the 10th of December2014)

    The mysterious picture

    You must discover what is on the picture. Make propositions, if your proposition is correct, I will reveal another box (you can chose the box you want me to reveal).

    Vous devez donc envoyer votre proposition avec les coordonnées de la case que vous voulez voir.

    Kamelia is right : it is a cat. Here is the second picture with B2. Now the question is : what is the ginger cat doing?

    The mysterious picture

     Excellent guess Julien!

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  •  Riddle n°27

      (posted on the 5th of December2014)

    Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?
    (The Empire State Building is one of the tallest buildings in New York City.)

    a little help : higher = + haut

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    Remets les mots dans l'ordre pour faire des phrases . Attention aux questions. 

    Il suffit de faire glisser les mots sur la même ligne.

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