• Riddle n°23

     (posted on the 28th of July 2014)

    This is a special riddle for my Miss and her friend : guess who the famous character is!


    Oups : and don't forget to explain your answer... ;-)♥

     Well done Becky and Léa . Now you can watch and listen to her most famous song

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  • Riddle n°22

     (posted on the 28th of July 2014)

     This is a very easy riddle to solve...

    Riddle 22

    What can you see in this beautiful painting ?

     Well done Léa, Sana and Cassandra!

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  •     You are back.

        Quack quack is still on my desk and he is very happy to see you.

        Especially because he has got a nice little girlfriend now...

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  • Wednesday, the 23rd of July

    " It's a piece of cake!"


    Why does the boy say 'it is a piece of cake'?

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  • Riddle n°21

     (posted on the 23rd of July 2014)

    A famous character is hidden behind these 5 clues.

    Guess who it is. Explain why.

    Il suffit de deviner à partir des 5 indices qui est le personnage mystère.

    Il faut aussi donner quelques explications en anglais (of course!)

    Good guess from Emilie and Becky. Clever girls!!!

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  • Monday, the 21st of July


    Watch, listen and answer four questions.... come on you are on holidays, you must be full of energy  ;-)

    Who is the baby in the video? How old is he? What country is he in?

    How much are his dungarees?

    ("dungarees" is plural in English like trousers, shorts, etc... in French it is singular, it means "une salopette")

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  • Riddle n°20

     (posted on the  21st of July 2014)

    Two mothers and two daughters are at the fast food restaurant.

    Everyone has got one burger, but they only eat three burgers . How is this possible?


    Emilie got the right answer! Excellent job!

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  • Riddle n°19

     (posted on the 10th of July 2014)


    Phil's parents have got 4 children.

    The first child's name is April.

    The second child's name is May.

    The third child 's name is June.

    What is the fourth child's name ?

     Justine and Mathilda solved the riddle! Well done girls.

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    Wednesday, the 10th of July

    Who is the principal character ? Give your opinion about the character and explain why.


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  • By Célia and Amandine

     By Luc and Valentin

    Funny personalities

    By Axel (the artist...), Enzo and Sandro

    Funny personalities

    By Emilie and Kamélia

    Funny personalities 

    By Mathilde and Cassandra


    Funny personalities

    By Yasmine and Ines

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