• Wednesday, the 28h of June

    " I have got a frog in my throat"

    Frog in My Throat

    The boy has got a problem... Do you think it is summer or winter? Why?

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  • Riddle n°18

     (posted on the 28th of June 2014)

    Find the longest word you can write with these letters

    I have got a 7 letter word... Can you do better ?

    (attention : vous ne pouvez proposer qu'un mot, mais il faut qu'il soit le plus long possible)

    I received a lot of excellent answers to this riddle. Congratulation to all of you!

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    Riddle n°17

     (déposée le 21 Juin 2014)


    He is quite old and fat. He only works one day in the year but he is not lazy.

    Bravo Emile! Tu as été rapide et efficace!!!

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  • Wednesday, the 18h of June

    " You eat like a horse!"

    This is an easy expression. I'm sure you can explain what it means in English!


    Very good Cassandra and Kamelia : someone who eats like a horse is someone who eats a lot of food!

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  • Et quelques jours qui pourraient exister...


                By Célia and Amandine                                    By Hannah and Ilsée

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      By Jean Nathan, Erwan and Alexis            By Milena, Ayfer and Julia



        By Kamélia and Emilie                                        By Camille, Gozde and Lauryne...



           By Tiffanie, Lisa and Antonio                                     By Amine and Bryan


    By Atilla and Valentin

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  • Riddle 16

     (déposée le 17 Juin 2014)

    Célia l'a réclamée : voici la Riddle 16

    Can you find 1 word corresponding to the 4 pictures ? Use the letters under the pictures.


    Bravo Kamélia, Altilla et Célia!

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  • By Nina et Coralie  



    By Axel and Enzo                                          By Ugo and Djebril


    By Mohamed and Julien


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  • Thursday, the 12h of June

    " This boy has got ants in his pants! "

    When a teacher says that to a pupil, he is not happy... Why?


    Great Marika and Kamélia! A pupil who has got ants in his pants doesn't stop moving on his chair!

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    Riddle 15

     (déposée le 12 Juin 2014)


    Can you write 5 words (containing a minimum of 3 letters)? Easy!!!



    Pour le moment, Célia est en tête...mais personne n'a encore trouvé de mots de 5 lettres!





    Oups, je rectifie : Emilie vient de proposer une liste de 10 mots. Congratulations!!!





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